Terroir & Specifications

You always hear of oenology and grape variety with respect to wine quality; for us this is a mistake.

Oenology can be considered as a medicine, the rectification of a defect in the wine or the prevention of its occurrence. The grape variety is nothing in itself if it is not implemented in a favourable environment to express its qualities.

To L'ÉCOLE DES SENS, the most important thing is the yield per plant and, above all, the terroir.

The yield is the right number of clusters compared to the leaves that will help the ripening. But beware, artificially controlling the number of clusters or leaves is a mistake. If you consistently remove half of the grapes to favour the remaining fruit, it means that you have put the vines in a soil where you should have put tomatoes...

The terroir is the main notion. It is a mixture of three elements: God offers us a soil (deep and surface) and a climate (sun, rain and wind). Up to man to adapt himself to the soil and the climate to find the best expression of quality in this always unique place. It is only then that we can choose the optimum grape variety!

According to the BRGM cartography, our vineyard is composed of three types of soil:

  • At the centre, hill slopes facing north or east (the best exposure to benefit from the morning sun and especially not the hot sun of the afternoon).
  • In the north, the clay-limestone plain, slightly south-facing, which is very convenient for rosé grape varieties in general.
  • For the remaining, ultra poor limestone marl plateaus, for some more productive grape varieties to be able to express fine quality and finesse.