Our Rosés and White Wines

L'ÉCOLE DES SENS invites you to discover its rosé and white wines. Akin to the red, these wines are all natural and are the result of a perfect control of the terroir.

All of our wines are vinified with minimal mechanical trauma (use of pumps or filtration) to preserve the aromas whose quantity are never enough.

The use of oenological products is limited to selected yeasts, sulphites for cleaning the cellar and equipment, not to be present unnecessarily in a wine made with clean and healthy grapes.

The choice of wooden French barrels is conformed to the same serious traceability as the vineyard.

Finally, for simple but very aromatic wines vinified with ancestral but inexpensive techniques, the sale price is very reasonable and consistent with our fruit of the vine spirit.

Cuvée Michel Ange (White)

Cuvée Raphaël (White)

Le Corrège (Rosé)

To order, please call us or pay us a visit at the vineyard.