Our Red Wines

L'ÉCOLE DES SENS offers various vintages of red wines, patiently produced with great care.

Our wines are all natural, with no added chemicals. We do not use any subterfuge to alter the flavours and only rely on the quality of our work and our philosophy to offer exceptional vintages. In fact, we work the traditional way, respecting the soil, the vine and the client.

L'ÉCOLE DES SENS may, on request, produce a customized vintage, based on the tastes and desires of our customers. We can also customize the labels if, for example, you want to have a specific name on your bottles.

Cuvée Botticelli (Red)

Cuvée Le Caravage (Red)

Cuvée Le Titien (Red)

Cuvée Vinci (Red)

Cuvée Bellini (Red)

Cuvée Piero della Francesca (Red)

A product interests you? To order, please contact us or pay us a visit directly at the vineyard.